LED天花专为Kunsthalle Mannheim而设

产品: one4all premium LED driver, Modules LLE advanced

对于Kunsthalle Mannheim新扩建项目而言,其照明概念的一个重要组成部分就是天花板能发出均匀的光。为此,灯光天花板专家Rentex选择了锐高的LED模组搭载LED驱动。

图片提供: Andreas Körner

Photo: HGEsch Photography

LED modules with high colour stability

Linear Tridonic LLE advanced LED modules and one4all premium drivers are used in the exhibition rooms. They are accommodated on large equipment carriers behind stretch-film ceiling panels. The LED modules were selected for this project on the basis of various criteria, including their narrow binning. This means that there are no visible spectral differences between the individual modules – a prerequisite for homogeneous light distribution. Tridonic technology also ensures colour stability of the LEDs when dimmed. The luminous flux can be regulated without any perceptible colour shift.

Opal cover

By combining 24 mm wide LED modules of type LLE G4 in different lengths and different light outputs and with a colour temperature of 3,500 K, the equipment carriers could be populated so that the light from the ceiling panels is homogeneous. A linear opal plastic cover, available as an accessory for the LED modules, also contributes to homogeneous light.

Protection against contact

The opal cover ensures that the LEDs do not appear as individual points of light and also protects against contact as the film frame and equipment carrier are hinged. This reveals inspection openings for accessing the systems in the suspended ceiling.