Matter is a standardised open-source language with the aim to reduce the complexity of connecting smart devices. Our Matter-enabling lighting products allow you to use the most popular ecosystems from well-known manufacturers and their innovative controls.

This allows you to build a smart, voice-controlled environment where not only the lighting, but all Matter-compatible devices such as blinds, heating, entertainment devices, security systems, and more, speak the same language.

Benefits at a glance

Icon Easy handling

A homogeneous system

Matter compatibility allows the devices to work together seamlessly, allowing you to set them up with any of the major platforms and to connect multiple Matter devices to each other. Communication is always guaranteed – regardless of the manufacturer or (wireless) technology.

Icon Thread

Communication via Thread

Tridonic devices use the Thread protocol for mesh communication and benefit from its advantages such as lower energy consumption, low latency, self-healing and security features. Thread border routers can also be integrated into products, making hubs superfluous.

Icon Commissioning

Simple commissioning

Defined, easy-to-follow procedure for setting up Matter devices using a QR code or numeric code entry.

Icon Future-proof


Every day, more and more companies are joining the alliance, which means more opportunities to design even smarter applications.

Advantages throughout the end-to-end product deployment


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