Industrial driver LCI 220 W 500-1400 mA pD NFC h28 PRE4

Generation 4 LED driver saves space and costs.

40,000 lumens and just a single LED driver

The new Generation 4 industrial driver is the first of its kind to have an NFC interface for time-saving multi-programming and simple configuration via companionSUITE. Thanks to an optimised power output of 220 watts, even very powerful industrial luminaires of up to 40,000 lumens can operate with just a single driver. The integrated inrush current limiter prevents peak inrush currents right from the start. This not only means that simpler, more cost-effective circuit breakers can be installed in the switching cabinet, but also that fewer of them are required. This driver is designed for very harsh conditions, which is why it comes with an 8-year guarantee and a service life of up to 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 65 °C.

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