excite NFC in-track

in-track fixed output

Black (RAL 9005), White (RAL 7035), Grey (RAL 9010)

The in-track driver in the excite (EXC) series combines driver and adapter in one compact housing, which can be directly integrated into the track, making for an extremely pared-back spotlight design. All the parameters of the driver can be conveniently set via the NFC interface. Thanks to multi-programming, entire packing units with up to 10 drivers can be programmed in a single process.
  • 可选输出电流 : 350-600 mA (25 W), 500-1,050 mA (40 W)
  • 通过 companionSUITE 软件(NFC,o4a)或
  • 对一个封装中多达 10 个驱动器进行 NFC 多重编程
  • 颜色:灰色、白色、黑色