Pavillon France – World Expo 2010

位置: Shanghai/China
产品: , TALEXXchain P511 DL

The compact design, high light output and uniform colour temperature of TALEXX LED light sources has enabled Tridonic to deliver an innovative and challenging signage solution for the France Pavilion at World Expo 2010, Shanghai.

Designated “The Sensual City”, the 6,000 square metre French pavilion was designed by Jacques Ferrier Architects to create a simple building that is surrounded by water, so it appears to float. It represents an investment of 22 million euro by the French government and makes extensive use of advanced building materials and environmental protection technology to reinforce its sustainable design.

LED light sources, therefore, were an obvious choice for the signage as they offer excellent energy efficiency, and the designers had been particularly impressed with an earlier Tridonic LED signage solution they had seen.

The exterior signage, for example, is illuminated on all sides and is also visible as a reflection in the water surrounding the pavilion. This necessitated very uniform illumination with highly consistent colour temperature.

In addition, some parts of the signage are very narrow, which imposed constraints on the size of the LEDs that could be used. The choice for these areas was TALEXXchain P503-2 LED light sources, which are only 12 mm wide but are able to deliver a high light output with a broad beam angle (140 degrees).

These have been combined with TALEXXchain P511 DL light sources, which also offer a high light output with wide beam angle, so they could be used together while maintaining good uniformity. The TALEXXchain P511 DL sources have also been used for the interior signage.

All TALEXX LED light sources feature Tridonic’s chip-on-board technology (COB), which optimises the thermal management of the LEDs to improve consistency and reliability, eliminating the problems that were associated with early designs of LED light sources.